Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A little "Fall" Bento...

I whipped this morning's Bento together on the fly but it turned out pretty cute.

*I used my Christmas tree cookie cutter to make the honey ham trees.
*Cheddar leaves and acorns were cut with William Sonoma pie crust cutters that I've had forever and a day. However, I think they still sell a version of them every year.
*Bird sauce container/case holds ranch dressing for the carrots.
*Red grapes with bird flag food pick.
*Wheat Thin crackers in a silicon baking cup.
*1 candy corn pumpkin :-)
*and a little trade secret I learned my years working in food service during high school and college--leaf lettuce! I use it to line my bento boxes and everything looks so much more colorful and fresh. It really adds to the presentation. :-)


  1. Yay, so glad you have a blog now!! I just showed Ayla your bento lunch and she wants one now!! Great job!

  2. So adorable and thanks for sharing the secrets of the lettuce.
    Jaeli saw this and said, "I wanna eat it! I wanna eat it right now". ;)