Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How To Jazz Up Canned Fruit--Fast!

I'm learning as I go with the Bento lunch making but if there's one thing I've figured out ~cute food gets eaten! grin.  Elyse's lunch today contained a Lunchable (I know--the horror...haha), a Gogurt, lemonade and this little Mandarin orange fruit cup.  Instead of leaving the oranges in their pre-packaged plastic container.  I took two minutes to drain them, put them in a cute little Bento box and add a few fun Bento forks.  All of which took me around 2 minutes.  Very little time for such cute results (in my opinion).  The best part is that I know Elyse will enjoy stabbing every orange segment with those cute little animal forks and that small Bento box will return home in her backpack empty.  :-)



With the lid on:

*This cute little Bento box is made by a UK company, Paperchase.
Paperchase is available in the US at Border's Books in-store only.

*The cute little Bento forks can be bought on Amazon.  You can also find them on ebay and many other Bento supply websites.  They are a great Bento supply basic to have.
Happy Wednesday!  We are half way to the weekend!

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