Friday, January 28, 2011

Lemons! Lemons! Lemons! & Down right PRETTY pasta at Costco!

Being the technically savvy wizard that I am, only the most sophisticated methods were used in the selection of today's winning number! (This coming from the woman who can scarcely text!) Ha-ha.
So without further ado, there were 42 entries and the winner of today's lemon drawing using is..

Timestamp: 2011-01-28 16:31:33 UTC

Kristin, Please email me your address and these will ship out to you first thing Monday.

And since I'm feeling ambitious about picking and packing this weekend, I've decided to give a box of lemons to my most frequent commenter and the 40th Birthday girl.  So Ms. "Call Me Q" and Ms. "Maggie Dodson" please email me your home address and I will ship each of you a box of lemons as well. Wink.

If you didn't win this round--no worries!  The lemons are fresh on my tree into April and I've got more lemon giveaways planned!  So stay tuned.

Okay, now for my easy meal find of the day. Look at this red and white striped Lobster Ravioli I found at Costco!

If you like seafood, this ravioli is very good.  I followed the instructions for the Chardonnay Lemon Sauce on the package and it was tasty but honestly more labor intensive than I was looking for with a pre-packaged Costco meal.

So, next time I'll make it even simpler by taking the other suggestion on the package and use a jar of vodka pasta sauce, such as this Bertolli Vodka Sauce.

Thank you so much to everyone for following my blog. It is such a delight for me. Happy Friday!

The Lemonista


  1. Girl you are too much! Love you- seriously. =)

  2. Awww - you're a sweeheart - congrats ladies! And I love that pasta find!

  3. Oh wow! Rob loves lobster ravioli! I must stop by there... although I probably won't have a coupon. :-)

  4. Congrats ladies! Pasta look delish!

  5. That pasta is a favorite of ours! If you want to simplify you can just do butter, lemon juice and some fresh shaved parm. Mmmm...So pretty for V Day too. This pasta freezes well.

  6. I'm so excited. Thanks Erin and BTW the pasta looks great. Wish my kids would eat sea food.

  7. Congrats, Kristin :-) I forgot to mention in my blog post that I've seen the same pasta at Costco but Butternut Squash flavor (veggie). So keep an eye out for that one.