Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fun Archive of Bento Lunch Ideas

Since I started making Bento lunches before I started blogging.  I thought I'd post some Bento lunch archive photos not yet featured on the blog.  I've tried to list supplies and describe foods used, but please feel free to ask me any questions in the comments and I will reply.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Caterpillar is ham, face made with nori punch, and leaf food picks for anteni, carrot flower
Cheese butterflies
wheat thin crackers
edamame in silicon Wilton baking cup
watermelon with veggie food picks
oreo stix

Hair Club for Hot Dogs

I just cut a hot dog in half, broke uncooked angle hair paste in half, then stuck the uncooked noodles in the top of the hot dog like hair. Next I boiled the hot dogs (with hard noodles sticking out the top) for 6 min and this was the result. The kids had a blast nibbling the hair. I used a nori punch for the faces and bow food picks. I plan to play around with this idea some more

Hello Kitty & Bunny Friend w/ berry fruit salad

Here's the kit I used to make the rice HK characters (they were pretty easy with the kit)

The Good Fairy, Little Bunnies Foo-Foo & a Field Mouse.

Remember Little Bunny Foo Foo?

My kids love me to sing Bunny Foo Foo to them so that was my inspiration for today's meal.
My dh is traveling and took the good camera, so I had to use Elyse's little camera to take the photos...I apologize for the quality but you can get the idea.
Fairy sandwich cutter is from
Picks I got from jbox but you could probably find them by searching "bento food picks" on ebay.
Mouse I made out of a strawberry w/ almond slices for ears, corn nose and green bean tail (basically what I could dig up with leftovers in frig).

The Froggy Pond

Frog sandwich cutter is from
Duck Food picks purchased off ebay.

Bunny, Flowers, Hearts & Butterflies

Today we have a strawberry Gogurt, Motts cinnamon apple sauce, organic chocolate milk and then the sparkle HK bento box (from contains...
Ham roses: I cut ham in strips and rolled to make flowers.
Bunny hard boiled egg: this was super easy! I just used an egg mold like in this former blog post:
and Voila!!!
The bunny's hair flower is a royal icing flower from
Pepperage Farm brand butterfly crackers and cheddar cheese hearts cut with a little cookie cutter. The blue kitty fork you can find on ebay and jbox.
Frog ice pack is from Target :-)

*This was my first Bento lunch, ever! 
Royal Panda Bento

The little blue elephant container holds ranch to squeeze on the carrots
Ham & cheese princess crown sandwich with removable heart.
Fresh strawberries with panda food pics
Yogurt covered raisins in reusable silicone heart shaped cup.
Bento box is from Borders books!
The sandwich cutter is from
the rest of the supplies I ordered from Japan from this site

Happy Lunch Packing!
~The Lemonista


  1. OMG I LOVE all of these! And I thought I was creative with my cookie cutter sandwiches... You put me to shame. :)
    New follower, btw!

  2. These are all just way to cute!!