Thursday, July 21, 2011

Momma Got New Legs ~ L'Occitane Rocks!

Photo used w/ photographer and model (that's me *grin*) permission. 

I enjoyed a wonderful evening out with my BFF for my Birthday last month. After some great girly conversation (and a few margaritas), we decided to stroll around the Arizona Biltmore Fashion Park to do a lil' shopping. We hit all the regular stores on our stomping ground and soon found ourselves heavy handed with shopping bags (and smoking credit cards). Just as we were about to call it a night, we arrived in front of L'Occitane. My BFF, aka The Queen of Cosmetics, got all giddy--professing her love of L'Occitane products while I grumbled under my breath, "I don't like stinky stuff."

Obligated by friendship, I half-heartily following my beloved BFF into the store. 

We were promptly greeted by a lovely red head with a peaches and cream complexion, "Welcome to L'Occitane.  What can I help you ladies find today?" 

My BFF flawlessly listed off a couple of items with French names, while I avoided eye contact and made my best attempt to slide under the radar.  My plan had almost succeeded, when Miss peaches & cream placed a scoop of some gritty lemony smelling stuff in my palm, "Come over to our sink," she said, "and scrub your hands with our Verbena Body Salt Scrub."  She proceeded to fill my head with impressive stories about L'Occitane's lavander fields in France and the women of  Burkina Faso who harvest their shea butter as she took me through a quick regiment, that had me changing my tune from, "I'll pass" to "Gimme that stuff!"

*(Heads-up to any L'Occitane higher-ups that may be reading my blog post--This red headed dream employee of yours deserves a raise!)*

So here's the secret.  These three products have made my legs look and feel fantastic.
1.  Scrub your legs with this stuff (which smells absolutely AMAZING!)
Verbena Body Salt Scrub

2. Lather your legs with this stuff (A foaming oil--who knew! This is perfect for shaving.)
Almond Shower Oil

 Almond Shower Oil

3. Rinse and dry your legs and then apply this stuff.  (This may just be the thing that's been missing from my life *sighs*)
Shea Butter Body Lotion

Shea Butter Body Lotion

That's it!  Now enjoy your gorgeous new legs.  Seriously, I had no idea anything (other than the fountain of youth) could make such a difference! If I could just sign myself up for a spray tan, I'd be all set *wink*.

~The Lemonista

P.S. I am not being compensated for writing this post. This post is my own experience and idea. Those are most certainly my real legs in the photo above. And for the record, I am 40 years young ;-) 

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  1. Love L'Occitane! I am definitely going to try this stuff out.

  2. yes, I have heard good things about this brand before. I might need to check it out!

  3. I love the scrubbing salts, now immay have to try the other products...