Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rockin' White Chili, Orange Slice Bento & Some Fall Phoenix Blooms.

My kid sister makes the best White Chili I have ever tasted!  What I love most--IT'S QUICK & EASY!!!!
A one pot recipe that you literally open cans and dump, this gem can be ready in minutes and feed a crowd if needed!  Now my sister is a gifted artist and would tell you to keep as many of the ingredients white in color to stay true to the name, but I kind of just go with what I've got on hand (and what I love to eat!)

You will need

Pour all ingredients in stock pot. 

Stir over Medium heat until cheese melts.

Chili is done!

Serve with a dollop of Sour Cream and Tortilla chips (even though they are not white, we love Doritos with this chili)
My chili bowl (I realize that I have a romance with my dishes)

You can also add any of your favorite Mexican toppings, such as green onion, black olives, more shredded cheese...etc...

I've tied some sheets around the kids swing set to set up a little fort while I cook.  Grin.  I soooo remember how much I enjoyed a good fort as a kid!
 white chili 001

The Lemonista has hooked up her lil' lemondrops with a popcorn and lemonade.
 white chili 002

Moving on to some Bento.  I recently found these little Paperchase Pantry Peepers Bento boxes at Borders.  I LOVE them.  The rectangle shape is so fun to work with. 

Here's Elyse's orange slices this morning in one of my new boxes. The little decorations are listed as Bento food dividers on ebay. They are reusable plastic with animated characters that say happy little messages in Japanese (hmmm....wonder what they say???)

 white chili 011

The thermos container holds leftover white chili!
 white chili 012

I will leave you today with a few photos of what's blooming in the Lemonista's garden.  Here are the pansies we put in last weekend.  Just look at their smiling faces....makes me swoon. 

And my true joy

The roses have started their fall bloom and they are simply glorious!! I'm off to cut some of these and place them in a vase next to my kitchen sink.

White Chili
14oz (ish) jar of Medium Salsa (I do mild for the kids)
14oz can chicken broth (my big box of broth is in the photo since I use a lot of this stuff)
2, 15oz cans Great Northern beans or White Kidney beans, drained (whatever you can find)
2, 12.5oz cans Chicken Breast, drained (I get the Kirkland brand at Costco)
1 Tablespoon ground Cumin
Chopped cilantro (almost a whole bunch, no stems)
2 cups grated  Monterey Jack cheese (I had cheddar jack and that works fine too)

Combine all ingredients in large pot.  Stir over medium heat until cheese melts.  Serve with crushed tortilla chips and a dollop of sour cream. 

Happy Tuesday Y'all!!!