Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Mantle ~ Spooky Apothecary Mason Jars & Vintage Bottles

Perhaps it's all the Downton Abbey I've been watching, but lately I'm hooked on vintage pretty things. With that inspiration in mind, I started working on this years Halloween mantle decoration.

I love old bottles and jars with unique colors and shapes. I'm always trying to think of new ways to incorporated them in my crafts and decor.

I stumbled across a set of $6 handmade spooky apothecary labels on etsy and I realized what a cute addition they would be to my pretty vintage jars and bottles. 

To add some realistic flair, I filled the jars with the follow:

Bat Droppings: Chocolate covered raisins
Toad Oil: Olive oil
Vampire Blood: Red wine
Love Potion #9: Water tinted with food coloring and a dried rose hot glued to the neck of the bottle. 
Witches Brew: Water tinted with food coloring

The bat droppings have been quite a hit around here, but I must say that mommy might prefer the vampire blood :-)
I added an antique reproduction cast iron scale, found at Home Goods, one of my velvet pumpkins, and a couple of white pumpkins from the grocery store. Voilà--A spooky, yet vintage and pretty mantle. 

The center of my display is a black & white picture of our family in an antique frame, but you could substitute any vintage looking mirror with an ornate frame and get the same look.

View of mantle from my kitchen.


~The Lemonista

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  1. Your creativity is limitless and inspiring. Thanks for the ideas :)

  2. Very fun decorating. Love that framed photo :)

  3. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I'm doing a show in September and these will go very well.....yes, they are so easy to make and once I get started making them, I won't want to stop....and VELVET, well, what doesn't look good in velvet??? I just don't have any goard stems...but am thinking that large grape vine with curly cues will look great too....Thanks again.
    Susan Little
    Farmhouse Candles