Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Vintage Table Given New Life

Since we are a little lacking in furniture to fill up our new home, my generous mother-in-law brought over this family heirloom table to help us furnish the place.  Even though the finish on this table had gotten a little tired, I saw the potential with the table's design and great legs!  The table was made by The Imperial Furniture Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan--my home town. Grin.

I started by sanding down the table and cleaning it with a product called Krud Kutter.

Then the table was primed and painted with Restoration Hardware's Blue Sage paint.

The paint needs to dry for a couple of days and then I think I'll antique this table.  It has some really pretty details that would really stand out with some antiquing. (I'll update with photos when it's done).
So the table was free and the paint was $36.  Not bad for a cute new piece of furniture. Just took a little elbow grease. Wink.

~The Lemonista