Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey Leftovers

How many of you remember this commercial from 1986? I know I'll never forget it. My sister and I irritated my mother by singing, "flaming turkey wings," at every meal we were served leftovers. Kudos to Pizza Hut for making such a memorable advertisement.  And while Pizza Hut probably will be on my post Thanksgiving menu this year, it wouldn't be the holiday weekend without some entrées whipped up with good ol' turkey leftovers. Here's what I've got planned to gobble up the rest of our Tom:

Leave it to PW to come up with a turkey casserole that includes bacon, cream cheese and shredded cheese!  I mean, Dang, Girl, this casserole looks so mouth watering I'm tempted to skip the traditional Thanksgiving turkey all together and make this instead! Yum!

Turkey Focaccia Bread Sandwich w/ Roasted Garlic Mayo by Moi

Gosh, I feel outta-my-league posting one of my recipes after PW, but in case you missed this tasty sandwich when I blogged it back in June, give it a peak now.  It's worthy of your Thanksgiving turkey--I promise.

So that's it.  After three turkey meals (well, maybe four), I'll have hit my turkey threshold and be ready to move on to pizza. *grin*

Have a fabulous holiday and please feel free to link your favorite leftover turkey meal in the comments.  I'm always looking for new recipes. Well, ones that don't involve lighting turkey wings on fire.

~The Lemonista

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