Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be My Valentine ~ Ideas and finds!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I've been scratching my head trying to think of a cute idea for my daughter's Kindergarten class Valentines.  Trying to be creative and unique (and somewhat healthy), I came up with these popcorn Valentines.

My heart *POPS* for you!

The retro popcorn bags and heart fasteners were found at Hobby Lobby.  They have two sizes in these popcorn bags and you want the larger bag.  You get 8 of these bags for $2.47!!! I'd say that makes these Valentines economical as well.  Grin.

I poked a hole in the center of the popcorn "O"and added a heart fastener, also found at Hobby Lobby on the Valentine isle.  (Looking back at these photos I realize that I poked the hole on the wrong side of the bag, so I had to redo this one--Dyslexic brain strikes again! Insert eye-roll.)

I purchased the individual serving size microwave popcorn at the grocery store

Printed this photo on 3.5 X 5 shipping labels,

and stuck the label on each individual pack of popcorn.

then slipped the cute popcorn Valentine into the retro popcorn bag and voilà--Creative, fun & somewhat healthy (wink) Valentines! 

My son is still in preschool and his school schedule hits two class parties, so I decided to keep things simple and ordered these adorable Race Car Valentines from Paper Source

Paper Source has many other adorable valentines as well. 
This is one of my fave for grown ups (I'm such a sucker for birds!):
J'Adore Valentine

And here are a few more that caught my eye:
Fortune Cookie Valentine kit.


Scratch & Sniff Cards


Cootie Catcher Cards


For Decorations around the house, I purchased this Pottery Barn Kids Valentine Banner.
Valentine's Day Garland

I also picked up these Valentine themed plates at Safeway (Vons)!  I love that they are kid sized, not toddler sized, so they can hold a good amount of food.  My kids LOVE them!!!

And what does this lemon lady want for her special Valentine?  I think I'll cut out a photo of this Boden Petal Clutch and place it under my pillow.  Could this sweet pea colorway be any more divine!

~The Lemonista
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  1. Love your Valentine- you are so creative. Hope the Valentine Fairy brings you that cute bag.

  2. LOOVE that bag! And I love your ideas!

  3. Running out to Safeway tomorrow to snag those plates! LOVE your popcorn bag idea and the labels. Sooo cute and clever, as usual from you! Did you get the popcorn bags by the circus theme birthday stuff? That whole circus section is retro and darling. Oh and I fell in love with all that vintage V Day PB Kids stuff too. Cute, cute!!

  4. Great ideas! Love the popcorn valentine!

  5. Laurel, I did find the popcorn bags with a bunch of carnival themed items :-) They had really cute paper hot dog boats as well.

    I picked up the plates at the Safeway on Camelback and 32nd. ;-)

  6. I LOVE the popcorn idea!!
    I already did the sucker idea though...now I'm torn.
    Next year right?!

  7. Wow you've got some great stuff! I love the little popcorn bags and those plates from Vons! I'm going to have to swing by my Safeway and see if they have any left!

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