Monday, December 27, 2010

My love for food...

I've come to realize that people fall into one of two categories in regards to food.  They either "eat to live" or "live to eat."  I think the day my parents took me strawberry pickin' as a child and I shoved the berries into my mouth dirt and all, I knew that I fell into the later of these two categories.  Stories of my childhood cooking creations have become legendary.  Around age six, I actually collected and fried our pet lovebird's eggs on my MagicChef toy oven and then proceeded to serve them up to my little sister (I think she may still harbor ill will from that incident--forgive me, Shannon).  Food is often on my mind.  I remember vacations by the restaurants we ate at.  I recall wonderful family gatherings by the glorious meal that brought us together.  Relatives live in my memory with each dish I prepare from a recipe card in his/her hand writing.  I've worked many jobs in the food industry, gotten my degree in food service/nutrition, and spent countless hours dreaming up meals.  Yes, food is my medium.  Maybe it's genetics, or perhaps a mental tic, but I have a deep love for "the almighty morsel" that continues to enrich and guide me through this life.

*The photo above was taken summer 2008 at the Dairy Treat in Grand Haven, MI.  I am holding my all-time favorite childhood Turtle Sundaes (made with butterscotch, of course.)  And yes, I ate both.  Snort.

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  1. Very cool! I see Snug Harbor in the background near the Dairy Treat! :)

    AndiT (from MIS, I live near Holland)