Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Booze Infused Irish Coffee Milkshake

Ever had an Irish coffee? Well these milkshakes are the same idea only the dessert version. My dad would make these for St. Patrick's Day when I was growing up, and even though they fall solidly in the "adult beverage" category, he'd always let me have a little taste. 

The combination of cold creamy coffee ice cream, Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson Irish Whiskey are the perfect blend of flavors. These milkshakes make a wonderful addition to your St. Patrick's Day celebration but they could certainly be enjoyed any time of year. 

All you need is a blender and a few ingredients and you are on your way to Irish beverage bliss. 

I found the festive green jars and shamrock straws at Michaels. 

In a blender add one cup good coffee ice cream.

Add 3 Tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream. 

Add 2 Tablespoons Jameson Irish Whiskey

Blend until smooth. Oh how I wish you could smell this! It's to die for. 

Pour into glass or jar of your choice. 

Garnish with whipped cream and a sprinkle of green sugar or just drink this how it is.  Either way it should be enjoyed right away!  

Sooooooo good! It'll have you dancing a jig ;-)

Mr. Flynn's Irish Coffee Milkshake
serves 1

1 cup good coffee ice cream
3 Tablespoons Baileys Irish Cream
2 Tablespoons Jameson Irish Whiskey
Whipped cream for garnish (optional)

Combine first three ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Garnish with whipped cream. Enjoy right away. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
~The Lemonista


  1. This looks so good! I have a quick question for you and was wondering if you could email me when you have a free moment. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon. :-)

    1. Sure, what's your question? :-)