Monday, March 19, 2012

Country Style Decorative Storage ~ Wire Baskets W/ Chalkboard Tags

We've all been shoving stuff in labeled bins for years, so it's nice when a fresh look for storing clutter presents itself.
My new home has an entry hall off the garage.  The hall contains locker-like cubbies with built in charging stations for each member of the family. I love the built-in look of the cubbies but I wanted them to have more of a vintage farm feel.
*As a little side note, I should have organized all of our cubbies for the photo shoot, but just keepin' it real ;-)  
Two decorations line the walls in the entry hall, an antiqued blue cork board found at Marshalls and a canvas portrait of the kids on my parent's farm.

After considering several different basket style and materials to work with my farm fresh theme, I came across these large Shabby Wire Baskets on Amazon.

The baskets are a nice sturdy metal and have all sorts of antiquing details that don't show up in the stock photo.  I am soooooo impressed with them and for $17 they are a super deal!

Keeping with the vintage look, I wanted a unique label for these baskets.  I came across these chalkboard tags on etsy from seller BrandensGrace.  I ordered the Fancy Wood Tags in a 5"X7" size.  
I love how these little wooden chalkboards and wire baskets turned out. They helped give my cubbies exactly the look I was going for :-) Now maybe a rug and a window treatment to finish it off? Hmmm...

~The Lemonista

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  1. A great organizational idea. I have attempted to create organizational storage and it works somewhat, but this crew still tends to leave stuff laying around OUTSIDE of all of the baskets & such that I've provided. *Le Sigh!* Ah well, I'm just as guilty at times of being less than organized and having too much stuff. *Winks* So... you shall have to Share what you saw and will procure from Rust & Roses... I'm dying to know what it is??? *Smiles* Showcasing all the Lovelies at Shops makes me feel somewhat like a Personal Shopper *winks*... sometimes I even see things later that I photographed and didn't actually "see" whilst there & go back later to get it! Dawn... The Bohemian