Monday, September 5, 2011

California Reuben Sandwich

Continuing on my sandwich kick, I have another family favorite for you today.

Back in 1968, my mom and her post-college roommate decided to take a girls trip from chilly Pennsylvania to sunny Southern California. They rented a cute Volkswagen Beetle and cruised the beautiful beaches of the West coast.
 bikini beach
Along the way, my mom fell in love with a special California Reuben Sandwich that was unlike anything she'd eaten growing up in PA.  She ordered this every place it was on the menu and when she returned from her trip, she duplicated the sandwich to make at home.  Forty-three years later my mom still makes this sandwich and so do I. 

Making this cold sandwich is simple, with fresh ingredients and good ranch dressing being the key.

California Reuben Sandwich
Thinly sliced ham from the deli counter (I like honey or brown sugar ham)
Sliced Swiss cheese
Fresh alfalfa sprouts
Sliced avocado
Rye bread
Ranch dressing

*My FAVORITE ranch dressing is made from the Hidden Valley Buttermilk Recipe Ranch Dressing packet.  I always use buttermilk and Best Foods Mayo when making my ranch.

Just looking at these photos is making my mouth water. Of course what's not to love about a sandwich slathered in cool creamy ranch. YUM!


~The Lemonista

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  1. Yum! This is making me want to go to the store to buy the ingredients! I found you through my cousins' blog, The Conscientious Reader. : )