Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Ideas!

Today is May 1st and you know what that means?  This Thursday is Cinco de Mayo!  Whoot!

I live in the Southwest and I love Mexican food, so I'm really lookin' forward to this Thursday., I can already taste the margaritas. *grin*

So to kick off those fiesta grocery lists, I thought I'd post three of my all time favorite Mexican recipes from the blog.  So here we go...

Kristi's Chicken Enchiladas

Guacamole Tableside


The Lemonista’s Prickly Pear Margaritas

Make one, or better yet, make all three!  (You won't be sorry) And, if you decide to be the Cindo de Mayo team drinking captain, find a sober amiga/amigo to drive ya home. *winks*

Have a great week!

~The Lemonista


  1. Yum yum yum! You're blog makes me hungry! I loooove mexican dooooood too!

  2. and I meant "your" lol darn auto correct

  3. Thank you for the recipe ideas! (The fifth is Thursday . . .)

  4. Ha-ha, Thanks, depritchett! :-) I fixed it ;-)

  5. Grant has his preschool performance that night so we'll be celebrating Siete de Mayo! I'm going to make the enchiladas and margs for sure - yum! Happen to have some Prickly Pear syrup left over from a recipe I made last week.

  6. Loves me some Prickly Pear syrup, so I'd love that recipe, Laurel :-)

  7. OK, So I wrote Mexican DOOOOOD up there. LOL That's what I get for leaving comments via text from my phone. LOL SO bad!