Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Cakes For A Charity Auction

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the ladies Spring Auction & Brunch at my son's school.  I donated two cute spring cakes and it was fun watching people bid on them. 
To make these cakes, I used the Banana cake recipe I posted during the holidays:
I doubled the banana cake recipe in the post linked above and baked the cake in a parchment paper lined 9"x13" cake pan for 33-36 min.

Then I dived the cake into 4 equal parts.

After I prepared my work station for battle,

I put two of the cakes on cake rounds and spread them with the buttercream filling.

Layered the fresh slice banana.

Then I placed the other two cakes on top.

Frosted the cakes with my favorite Whip 'n Ice.

Used the edge of a knife to lift up the cake and slide under the Wilton grease-proof white doilies.

Cut out my retro spring images printed on edible wafer paper.

Brushed the front of the edible wafer paper images with luster dust and then the back with light corn syrup.

Next I applied them to the top of the cakes.

Pipe decorative edges around the top and bottom of cake.

Then decorated the cake with some pretty royal icing pansies from Fancy Flour and a sugar butterfly purchased at a local cake supply.   The butterflies come all white.  I made the face with a food coloring marker, tinted the wings with food coloring/water mixture and then coated the butterfly with luster dust.

Boxed up the cakes.

All ready to go (but just look at the finger prints on my glass frig! insert eye roll)

Oh, and I wore my new Anthropologie Maxi skirt outfit and floral ring feartured in this post:
With flip-flops, however, so I didn't trip and drop the cakes! Wink.

Here are the cakes at auction.

A good time was had by all...

Maybe someday I'll get to auction off a signed copy of my book.  Sigh.

~The Lemonista


  1. Such a great recipe! Best wishes on your book!

  2. adorable!!!!! Is there no limit to your talent?

  3. Such cute cakes and your attention to detail amazes me - glitter on the butterfly wings even! You look gorgeous too!!

  4. Thanks, Ladies.
    Not sure how good I look though, Laurel. Mike is so tall that whenever he takes my photo I think I look like a lawn gnome. ha-ha

  5. ADORABLE!! Love those cakes... so vintage and cute!

    And I love the top too... I looked at that at Anthro and fell in love! You look fab :)

  6. love the details!! Esp the butterfly! Who knew there were all these cool baking tools like food coloring markers! How long did these take you!

  7. I'd say I spend about 45 minutes decorating.